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Arc 1: Blood Contagion (Hereticus)

In the shadows of Calixis, corrupt factions within the Inquisition vie to use heretek science to resurrect the extinguished Haarlock line. Inquisitor Silas Marr and his cabal of mercenary agents want a false heir to loot the Haarlock fortune. Notorious heretek Reymus Thane and other true believers want to resurrect rogue Inquisitor Erasmus Haarlock as a living Yu’Vath god.
Meanwhile, Inquisitor Globus Vaarak uses a team of Acolytes recruited from heretek experiment survivors to uncover the truth. His agents face the conspiracies of the corrupt inquisitors, their criminal pawns and the interference of other extremists— agents of the Lucid Palace and the Lords Dragon as well as the fading but potent evil of one of the ancient Calixian Devils.
In the House of Dust and Ash on Sinophia’s forbidden moon, all factions face off in a final apocalypse. Vaarak’s acolytes form a reluctant alliance with the Lucid Palace agents and defeat Reymus Thane, who has transformed into a monstrous creature by heretek arts. Silas Marr’s mercenaries and the Dragon agents are wiped out in the crossfire. But Thane’s sacrifice buys Erasmus Haarlock time to possess Caius Decidus and awakens artefacts on a dozen worlds with the power of the Dark Star, fleeing into a tear in time and space. Vaarak’s acolytes strike a Devil’s bargain with the Crowfather and pursue the possessed Caius into the timeless void, stranding the reborn Haarlock on the far side of the warpgate at terrible cost to themselves.

Arc 2: One Damned Thing After Another (Malleus)
For over a decade following the disaster at the House of Dust and Ash, Sinophia has been occupied by the separatist Severan Dominate. The Dominate breakaway began as little more than a bitter rivalry between Calixis Sector Governor Marius Hax and Periphery Subsector Governor Severus XIII. The crumbling city of Sinophia Magna, technically a neutral power, is a hotbed of intrigue between Hax’s Loyalists and Severus’s Separatists. However, after a botched Hereticus assassination attempt on Governor Severus XIII led to the expulsion of the Inquisition from Dominate space more malevolent powers have begun to use Sinophia as a base for diabolical operations beyond the reach of the Inquisition’s might.

The masters of the Ordo Malleus do not care which Governor’s flag flies over Sinophia, but they will not tolerate the possibility of a Daemon world emerging on the Calixis border. A Kill-team of covert operatives is being dispatched to Sinophia Magna with orders to disrupt and degrade the servants of Chaos hiding among the Separatists. The team consists of Ordo Malleus veterans with experience operating on Sinophia and against the Arch-Enemy. On Sinophia Magna, the team will have to carry out their mission without the authority of the Inquisition or access to allies from the Holy Adeptus. Success will dependent as much on their wits and their ability to cultivate allies from among the local authorities as their ability to defeat the Arch-Enemy’s servants in combat.

The Mechanicum has been boycotting Sinophia for a long time, and the Severan Dominate more recently. This has hilariously backfired, because the wealthy and powerful now depend on hereteks instead of the Mechanicum, and the Mechanicum isn’t there to persecute the hereteks properly. As a result Sinophia in fluff is tech heretic mecca even before the Sinophian occupation and in my game even the Ecclesiarchy has started getting actively anti-Omnissiah in Dominate-controlled territory. An overtly mechanicum faithful character therefore will be low status, not unlike an Outcast or Mutant background or even a Psyker/Pariah.

Sinophia hasn’t had good access to the Black Ships, so they’ve adopted an apprentice system for “sanctioning,” where sanctioned psykers write paper conferring santioned status on their own apprentices. This has not been abused at all so the (social) consequences of being an unsanctioned Psyker on Sinophia are pretty minimal, if you have the resources to get fake papers. Which Ordo Malleus certainly does. It’s also very possible to be a sanctioned psyker, in which case expect to be treated like a golden goose.

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